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Jeremy had been meaning to go out and do something today, honest. Like, say, find his sister or something. That had totally been his plan! But see, things had come up. Like, when he'd noticed the portable game thingy that had been on the desk. Obviously he'd had to start playing, because he was awesome at games, he was sure even his brothers thought that way though Brian especially liked to claim differently, and he wanted to beat some high scores and --

"Aww man!"

Yeah, he kept dying. He'd been doing that for the better part of the day, in fact, and by now it was really making him cranky.

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Date: 2011-04-17 08:49 pm (UTC)
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There was a sample sale at Neiman Marcus in Baltimore, and that had kept Juliet off the island most of the day on Saturday. So she didn't know anything was off until well after she'd woken up on Sunday.

When she did, she went to Jeremy's room straight off. And found ... well, it was Jeremy. Just Jeremy of a decade ago.

"Oh my goodness, it got you too!"

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"It won't?" Juliet, of course, believed her brother instantly. Even if he was the wrong age. "Maybe it's broken. Let me see."

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Juliet clicked through, but died at the first zombie, mostly because she was still a little upset.

As she restarted the level again, she said, "What am I going to do if you don't turn back this time? We can't be different ages. My twintuition won't work."

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"We could still play," Juliet said defensively. "I could take you shopping and out for ice cream and things like that. It'd just be weird and wrong and you better change back."

Because it was so obviously under Jeremy's control.

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"I am not boring!" Juliet glared, since that was clearly the most relevant point here. "And I am a kid, kind of. I'm 16."

Like you're supposed to be.

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"Whatever," Juliet said sulkily. "At least I'm not a baby. Do you want ice cream?"

She was mad, but not that mad. Anyhow, the alternative would be letting the zombies kill her 500 more times.

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"Then shut off the game and we'll go do that," Juliet decided. "And maybe we can find some shoes or something, too."
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