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After class, Jeremy had finally overcome his laziness and headed out over the causeway to go explore London as it was in... whatever year this happened to be. Old times, anyway. It was easy to tell from how fancy everyone looked.

He felt like he fit right in.

He didn't, of course. Even in his crisp shirt and his vest and his suit, he did not fit in. (Thought it might've helped his cause if he'd at least taken off his sunglasses.) Alas, Jeremy had never been good at seeing himself from the outside. But what he didn't realize didn't bother him, and by now his random leisurely stroll through town had brought him to Old Bond Street, where he was contemplating doing some shopping.

Even though his father probably wouldn't appreciate a bill for a flashy suit from 200 years into the past.

[ooc: Open, should you wish to come across a Fandomite in Regency London!]
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