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George was dead. Except technically she was probably undead? Jeremy was... still kind of wrapping his head around that fact. It was a complicated thing, even he could recognize that, and he was not the best at complicated things, so he was taking his time with it.

And that was manifesting itself in the fact that, except for his Monday class, Jeremy had mostly been hermiting it up in his room and acting even more absent-minded than usual. (Sorry, Stephanie.) Today, that meant sitting on the edge of his bed, in front of his ridiculously tiny TV (it was actually decent sized for a dorm room) with a PS3 controller in his hand, playing some random racing game he probably wouldn't have been able to name if asked. It was just some game.

It was a distraction. He was taking brain leave until he got this whole thing figured out. Yep.

Mostly, he was crashing a lot.

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"Want to meet your robot niece?" Juliet asked, opening the door and wandering right in with Winter the droid baby on her hip. Winter had been fed and napped, so she was in as good a mood as a droid baby could possibly be in. "She hasn't bit me since lunchtime."

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"Ethics homework," Juliet informed him, and leaned over to try to see the screen. "Winter's mine until Friday. Oh -- she's just a robot. Professor Skywalker builds them or something."

She ran a hand over the droid's scant hair. "So far it's like having a dog that wants to be held all the time."

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"She's cute," Juliet said, halfway honestly offended. "And I like Ethics. We talk about ... you know. Important stuff. Democracy and priorities and all of that."

Then, considering it as she put the baby down on his bed to wiggle around: "I guess she's a little creepy."
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"She doesn't talk. She won't call you anything," Juliet said, rolling her eyes. "What's with you, anyhow? You seem kind of moody."

That was Juliet's department.

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"Uh-huh." Juliet raised her eyebrows. "And maybe somebody who wasn't psychic with you" -- or had never met him before -- "might even believe that."

She glanced toward him, a bit more worried. Jeremy being irritable wasn't that big a deal, but he usually didn't lie to her.
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"A bad thing?" Juliet said, absently picking Winter up so she'd quit trying to roll towards the edge of the bed.

She ... probably didn't really want to hear that George was undead. Not yet, anyhow. That would just be creepy.

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"Are you in trouble?" Juliet asked, in a low voice that was almost a hiss. "Because ... maybe I can try to help get you out of it, if you are."

"Try" was likely the operative word, there.

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"She better not be in trouble," Juliet said. Seriously, it was a little early for non-robot babies. "Okay, so ... you guys had a fight?"

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"So that's good." Juliet sounded, and was, uncertain. "I'm confused. So I don't need to beat her up or anything."

Not that she could, likely, but she'd try.

"But it's kind of ... personal to her?" Which was bizarre. They always told each other other people's secrets; it was just how this worked.

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"I won't tell her you told me," Juliet offered, frowning right back at him. "She can't tell you something huge and think you won't tell me ever."

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"Not really," Juliet said, since it was such a novel concept. "Whatever it is, it's true whether I know it or not, right? And I promise I won't tell anybody."

She hoisted Winter against her shoulder. "Is she a criminal?"

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"This is ... really, really weird," Juliet said hesitantly. "But
I guess I have to trust you. For now, anyhow."

A beat. "Is it okay if I still wanna get to know her better?"
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