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Holy crap, I have a new kid, someone call the Vatican or some other authority that deals in miracles! Also sorry admin type people, you've read some chunks of this before. I didn't think I could put some things any better than I did in the app, and also I'm a bit lazy. Deal with it.

So, who is Jeremy Darling?

I've always had this uncanny ability to just chill. Y'know, like I can be sitting in a chair, it's two o'clock... Next thing I know, boom! Four o'clock.

In the simplest possible terms, I feel Jeremy can be summed up in the following anecdote: he once fell into a well at Elton John's house.

You'll hopefully understand what I mean by that in a sec.

But first, the canon. Jeremy, along with his twin sister Juliet ([ profile] twintuitionist) comes to delight you from the sadly canceled prime time soap Dirty Sexy Money, which ran on ABC from 2007 to 2009. It's about Nick George, a 30-something lawyer who gets pulled into the insane world of the Darlings, the richest family in New York City. His father was their family lawyer and general go-to guy, but at the start of the series he's just died in a suspicious plane crash, and Nick takes his place in an effort to discover the truth about his death. And then a lot of drama and soap opera hijinks ensue. Weddings, political scheming and big secrets abound, along with transgendered mistresses, illegitimate sons disguised as Swedish orphans, and feuds that start with stolen bangs.

In case you didn't get it yet, Dirty Sexy Money is kind of over the top. And the show knows it, too, which happens to be one of its greatest assets. But I digress.

So, where does Jeremy fit into in all this? Well, he and his twin are the youngest children of developer Patrick 'Tripp' Darling III and his socialite wife Letitia Darling. In canon, they're 24: in Fandom, they are 16, several years precanon, and hail from the present day because that's easier on our brains than the mid-nineties. They have three older siblings: Patrick, Brian, and Karen, who are pursuing careers in politics, Episcopalian priesthood and serial divorcery, respectively. There's quite a significant age gap between the twins and their other siblings, and that's one of the reasons why they are closer to each other than to the others. And the twins are very close but not in an Atreides way. They are each other's best friends, and while Jeremy doesn't support Juliet's notion of twintuition, he feels immensely comfortable with her, moreso than with anyone else. Basically, try getting between them and things could turn ugly for all involved. This happens in canon.

Personalitywise, Jeremy is outgoing and friendly and generally pretty easy to deal with. So, he's mostly a nice guy. I say 'mostly', because he's the kind of guy who, after having had his heart broken by a woman who claimed to be pregnant with his child, decides that he wants someone to love him for him instead of his money – and then proceeds to fake his entire life from his profession to where he lives in order to keep his new (foreign) girlfriend from finding out how wealthy he is. In essence, thanks to his super privileged background, Jeremy is seriously clueless about how normal, "poor" people in the real world live, since any problem he's ever had has been solvable by throwing money at it. Also, whenever he does have problems, he can't imagine a life worse than his own. Obviously, this can often make him seem like a kind of an upperclass twit, but he's not really dumb, as such. It's just that he's never really had to think for himself, so he just... doesn't. And at this point in his life, with many years of a pressureless existence ahead of him, he's pretty much okay with just being a rich layabout.

The above doesn't mean he doesn't have some goals and aspirations, though. He's utterly fascinated by stars, and he wants to join a space tourism program at some point. In Fandom, I suspect this means he'll fanboy everyone who has been to or is from outer space, and will pester them for trips because it would be a dream come true for him. Until then, he'll content himself with his books on the wonders of the cosmos, and his space-patterned pajama bottoms.

And it's not only the stars in the sky he's into: he's also pretty fond of the ones in the tabloids. He likes partying and making friends with celebrities, namely those that are famous for actually doing something, unlike him who's just famous for his father's money. Canonically, he at least claims to have been the one who convinced Tobey Maguire to take on the role of Spidey, and Justin Timberlake and Ethan Hawke are totally his homeboys, though canon seems to imply they might only be letting him hang around because he's rich, and maybe they find his trouble magnet ways amusing. (Once, he pretty much got arrested for winning a yacht in a poker game. True story.) In Fandom, he's just a bit too young for all of that to be going on yet, but it's safe to say he already loves parties with celebrities, and is already making connections in the younger star set.

No, he doesn't know Justin Bieber. I've decided. He might know Miley, though.

As for his appearance, Jeremy (played by Seth Gabel) is 5'11" with a pretty average build. It's obvious he doesn't really work out all, but he's not too plump, either. He's pale, with green eyes and floppy, longish brown hair. He talks with his hands and his body a lot, and while he is good at turning on the easy charm, he is maybe just a touch too prone to being flaily to really be suave. He loves to flirt, but he's more sweet than cocky or slick, really. He's also a flashy dresser when the occasion calls for it (and in his life the occasion calls for it a lot) but he tends to look pretty casual most of the time. There are several pieces of jewelry he's always wearing (a few rings and a necklace with a round pendant), and all his clothes are expensive label stuff, but he basically tends to see a clothing item's style value as equal to its price, so he's no Chuck Bass when it comes to personal style, though he occasionally tries to be, a little. Good thing he has a killer smile and lots of money.

So, that thing up there about Jeremy falling into a well at Elton's? Basically, what I meant by that is that it's a prime example of how he's a nice, rich, well-connected guy who, due to his general obliviousness with regards to the real world, often needs to be bailed out of ridiculous trouble. That's Jerms in a nutshell, pretty much.


And also still around: Kate Gregson!

But just so you know, everybody's hooking up with each other because they want to take things. It's a car, or a trampoline, or happiness... They're all things. Everyone's a taker, everything's a thing.

- From Overland Park, Kansas, and Showtime's fabulous United States of Tara, currently somewhere between S02E08 and 9.
- Senior, 17, blonde, brown eyed, 5'7" but has a tiny body.
- Will Can get difficult once you get close to her, but is generally friendly.
- That having been said; snarky as hell, and sarcastic.
- But generally not mean-spirited; if she wants to hurt you, you will know.
- Likely to be a little more subdued than usual for a while due to all the crap that keeps piling up on her.
- Has a fantasy valkyrie alter ago called Princess Valhalla Hawkwind, about whom you can find out more here, though she's not long for this world.
- Was until recently dating Bod; the breakup was horrible and she's unlikely to talk about it much unless you happen to be one of a select few.
- Yes, she misses him like crazy; she's trying her hardest not to.
- BFFs with Mitchell; at this point will just blink at you in a confused manner if you find that odd.
- As a result of the above, seems to often end up splitting her time between Fandom, Overland Park, and Bristol.
- Also secretly (and reluctantly) thinks of herself as having two families, one in OP and one in Bristol (plus Jack), and both incredibly messed up.
- No longer BFFs with Hannibal because he's turned into vampire and tried to kill her (after she slept with him but shhh).
- Has a whole bunch of vampire issues which she's been collecting since, oh, about a month after moving to Fandom.
- Rooms in 324 with Bobby Drake.
- Like Jeremy, she's readable to all those who can read minds etc, but will get pissy if she finds out you've been doing it (unless you're Emma, in which case you might be forgiven more quickly.
- Infoposted in a more detailed fashion here.


And lastly, the mun!

- Corazon/Johanna/[ profile] queencorazon/QueenCorazon on Twitter and tumblr
- NEW E-mail: justonepersona [at] gmail [dot] com (Still keeping an eye on the Wippies one, but do start using this one, it's on my kids' profile pages too.)
- AIM: justonepersona (poke me over email if you want me to sign in)
- EET (GMT +2, US EST +7)
- Available from about 5 PM to midnight EET on weekdays and all the damn time on weekends.
- Might be available earlier and later depending on school stuff.
- 22, and as such quite possibly the youngest player currently in game maybe?
- Finnish, 4th year English major, horrible procrastinator, language nerd, music junkie, random heroine etc etc ad infinitum.
- Will eventually learn to type the word 'twintuitionist' right on first try.
- Already knows who she's apping next time, hah.
- Currently compiling a monster playlist of the highlights of all the music she's been listening to over the past 10 years.
- Said list currently clocks in at 3,5 hours and is far from done.
- Is a little insane, maybe.


Questions, comments, irrational hatred of poor Jeremy's face?
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