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Yo, this is Jeremy, I'm busy, leave a message after the beep and I'll call you back!

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Jeremy and Juliet had decided to stay in New York after Thanksgiving, when news from Fandom had started sounding like trouble might have been brewing, and they had wanted no real part of it. While Jeremy might've sort of been missing someone, it hadn't been that hard a decision to wait things out. This was home, and the party scene had welcomed them back with open arms.

Besides, Jeremy would have been lying if he'd claimed he hadn't missed his own bedroom. It was the size of a common room back at the dorms, and it had most of his stuff in it, too. What was there not to like? So far this morning, he'd only climbed out of bed for long enough to open the door and let Midas in the room. Now, the dog was lounging next to him on the bed, his head resting against Jeremy's leg.

Jeremy felt so at home, so at ease. Maybe he could even get one of the maids to bring him breakfast.

"Sofia!" he called out. No answer. He tried again. "Sofia? Come on, Sofia!"

After a few more times, he was frowning, though mildly. Maybe the maid just didn't hear him.

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George was dead. Except technically she was probably undead? Jeremy was... still kind of wrapping his head around that fact. It was a complicated thing, even he could recognize that, and he was not the best at complicated things, so he was taking his time with it.

And that was manifesting itself in the fact that, except for his Monday class, Jeremy had mostly been hermiting it up in his room and acting even more absent-minded than usual. (Sorry, Stephanie.) Today, that meant sitting on the edge of his bed, in front of his ridiculously tiny TV (it was actually decent sized for a dorm room) with a PS3 controller in his hand, playing some random racing game he probably wouldn't have been able to name if asked. It was just some game.

It was a distraction. He was taking brain leave until he got this whole thing figured out. Yep.

Mostly, he was crashing a lot.

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Handwavily, Jeremy and George had caught meta for The Graduate at a movie theater on the mainland. It had been... Well, they hadn't exactly caught that much of it, to be honest. But the opening credits had looked good! Really, top notch! Or something. Whatever. Movie theaters were dark and the back row was made for way better things than actually watching a movie. Hey, Jeremy could probably get a private showing of just about any movie with little more than a snap of his fingers, so, why bother resisting the temptation to make out, right?

It had been totally worth it.

And they were progressing to the second part of the date now, and that was coffee. "That is one kickass dress, by the way," Jeremy said, as he was holding the door open for George, entering some random, sort of fancy (but not too fancy) coffee place. "I think we make a pretty dashing pair."

From a guy wearing a flashy suit (as requested!) to a movie and coffee date, that was par for the course.

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Jeremy was the happiest man on earth, he really was! He'd jsut gotten married to the most beautiful girl he'd ever met, and even it had been a little on the sudden side, he didn't care. He just wanted to have a post-wedding picnic with his new wife.

So, he'd walked her to the park from the church, with a picnic basket that had just conveniently appeared from somewhere on the way, and once they got to a good spot, he lay a plaid quilt on the grass so Lucrezia didn't have to get her pretty self dirty.

"I'm so happy," he sighed, as he took a seat on the quilt. "How about you, Mrs. Darling?"

Or whatever her last name was by now.

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It was really no secret that Jeremy had handwavily spent most of the last few days locked up in the room he shared with Stephanie. Things just... hadn't really seemed like something he should get involved with.

You know, after he'd noticed there was anything weird going on, which had maybe taken him a little longer than most people would be comfortable admitting.

Today, though, it seemed there had been a change, so he'd finally let the door stay open, even if he kept glancing at it a little cautiously every once in a while. For about as long as he could pry his attention away from what he could see standing in front of the window.

Seriously, was that Disneyland?

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Jeremy was no longer a tiny little monkey.

The fact that at the exact moment he'd stopped being a tiny monkey he'd actually been hopping up the stairs between the third and fourth floors because he'd been bored enough to want to explore on his own was not something that needed to be discussed. Neither was the way he'd probably broken some kind of record for naked sprinting up stairs in his scramble to get to his room.

No, what everyone just needed to focus on was the fact that Jeremy was no longer a tiny monkey. That was what he was concentrating on, at least. That, and finding out what he'd missed out on while all animalized.

Once he'd pulled on some clothes (pajama pants and a t-shirt, it was no time to be fussy), he grabbed his laptop. First up on the list of things to check? Gossip from back home.

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After class, Jeremy had finally overcome his laziness and headed out over the causeway to go explore London as it was in... whatever year this happened to be. Old times, anyway. It was easy to tell from how fancy everyone looked.

He felt like he fit right in.

He didn't, of course. Even in his crisp shirt and his vest and his suit, he did not fit in. (Thought it might've helped his cause if he'd at least taken off his sunglasses.) Alas, Jeremy had never been good at seeing himself from the outside. But what he didn't realize didn't bother him, and by now his random leisurely stroll through town had brought him to Old Bond Street, where he was contemplating doing some shopping.

Even though his father probably wouldn't appreciate a bill for a flashy suit from 200 years into the past.

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Jeremy and his thermos full of coffee were on their way to the school library to do some research on this lovely if peculiar Candy person he'd turned into for the weekend. Simon, on the other hand, was on his way to class.

It happened pretty fast, really. At first, they were just walking along, Simon a few steps ahead of Jeremy, both minding their own business. Then Jeremy dropped the cap from his thermos and it rolled forwards along the floor. As it was about to end up under poor oblivious Simon's feet, Jeremy called out a warning, but the only effect of that was that Simon turned to look back, and stepped on the cap, losing his balance. And who knew why the door to locker 327 was open, but it was, and now Simon was falling backwards into it. Jeremy rushed up to him to grab him by the shoulder, but --

They both toppled in and the locker door clattered shut behind them. Only the thermos cap remained on the floor as evidence that they'd even been here.

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True, Candy didn't have the faintest real idea where she was. She just wasn't letting that bother her. Her hunch said this might've been some quaint little back room at the Factory (she hadn't been there yet), and it was no reason not to look her best. In fact, if this was the Factory, then it was imperative that she look her best, before presenting herself to Andy.

Her purse and a change of clothes had followed her, as if by magic, and a moment of rooting around the closet had produced a dressing gown and a case of rollers (which would confuse Jeremy to no end, later), so Candy was set. Rollers in her hair and covered with a scarf, she sat down by one of the desks and dug her lipstick from her purse.

Time to pretty up.

[ooc: Door about one-third open, post completely so! Jeremy is now Candy Darling, as portrayed by Stephen Dorff in I Shot Andy Warhol.]
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Jeremy had been meaning to go out and do something today, honest. Like, say, find his sister or something. That had totally been his plan! But see, things had come up. Like, when he'd noticed the portable game thingy that had been on the desk. Obviously he'd had to start playing, because he was awesome at games, he was sure even his brothers thought that way though Brian especially liked to claim differently, and he wanted to beat some high scores and --

"Aww man!"

Yeah, he kept dying. He'd been doing that for the better part of the day, in fact, and by now it was really making him cranky.

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Jeremy was actually reading something he'd been assigned in class. Hey, Lysistrata was totally kind of fascinating, and it wasn't like he had anything else to do. He'd had a good night's sleep, so there was no need to spend his time napping, and he'd already handwavily ordered his Valentine's Day flowers for everyone.

He'd also bought two tickets to tomorrow's dance even though he didn't have a date. He figured he might still find one, and even if he didn't, well... It wasn't like he didn't have the money to spend on a high school dance ticket no one needed. He himself was going, either way. It was an opportunity to dress up and party, and if nothing else, he and Juliet could always write an exposé on it for their gossip column.

But right now he was just going to lay on his bed, reading an old play. And wearing his glasses, for once. Whatever, he thought he made the mildly geeky thing look maximum.

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Jeremy wasn't a guy who went back on his word or did date-type things in a half-assed manner. He'd dressed well, and had a table for two set out within the little observatory on the dorm roof. What was being served was covered with some of those shiny dome things for now, but it was going to be good. Of course it was, he'd handwavily gotten it from one of the dining establishments on the island on special order.

He also had something else, a little surprise hidden away, but that was for later. Now all he needed was Caroline, and he'd be set.

While he waited, he made sure everything was perfect.

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Holy crap, I have a new kid, someone call the Vatican or some other authority that deals in miracles! Also sorry admin type people, you've read some chunks of this before. I didn't think I could put some things any better than I did in the app, and also I'm a bit lazy. Deal with it.

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