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Jeremy and his thermos full of coffee were on their way to the school library to do some research on this lovely if peculiar Candy person he'd turned into for the weekend. Simon, on the other hand, was on his way to class.

It happened pretty fast, really. At first, they were just walking along, Simon a few steps ahead of Jeremy, both minding their own business. Then Jeremy dropped the cap from his thermos and it rolled forwards along the floor. As it was about to end up under poor oblivious Simon's feet, Jeremy called out a warning, but the only effect of that was that Simon turned to look back, and stepped on the cap, losing his balance. And who knew why the door to locker 327 was open, but it was, and now Simon was falling backwards into it. Jeremy rushed up to him to grab him by the shoulder, but --

They both toppled in and the locker door clattered shut behind them. Only the thermos cap remained on the floor as evidence that they'd even been here.

[ooc: NFI, as they've fallen into the locker! Unless maybe you want to be an eyewitness or something.]
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