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Handwavily, Jeremy and George had caught meta for The Graduate at a movie theater on the mainland. It had been... Well, they hadn't exactly caught that much of it, to be honest. But the opening credits had looked good! Really, top notch! Or something. Whatever. Movie theaters were dark and the back row was made for way better things than actually watching a movie. Hey, Jeremy could probably get a private showing of just about any movie with little more than a snap of his fingers, so, why bother resisting the temptation to make out, right?

It had been totally worth it.

And they were progressing to the second part of the date now, and that was coffee. "That is one kickass dress, by the way," Jeremy said, as he was holding the door open for George, entering some random, sort of fancy (but not too fancy) coffee place. "I think we make a pretty dashing pair."

From a guy wearing a flashy suit (as requested!) to a movie and coffee date, that was par for the course.

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Jeremy wasn't a guy who went back on his word or did date-type things in a half-assed manner. He'd dressed well, and had a table for two set out within the little observatory on the dorm roof. What was being served was covered with some of those shiny dome things for now, but it was going to be good. Of course it was, he'd handwavily gotten it from one of the dining establishments on the island on special order.

He also had something else, a little surprise hidden away, but that was for later. Now all he needed was Caroline, and he'd be set.

While he waited, he made sure everything was perfect.

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